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Templeton LPA is very aware of the potential complexities of buy-to-let mortgage defaults. We are experienced property specialists who establish a dialogue with your client, the defaulting borrower and theirĀ  tenants and can easily handle sensitive property management issues and difficult negotiations. Choosing to appoint Templeton LPA means your business is in safe hands.

  • Law of Property Act Receivership services
  • High quality case management
  • Appropriate exit strategies
  • Anticipating lender requirements
  • Professional property assessments
  • Timely management information
  • Robust processes
  • Keeping everyone well-informed
  • Take control of tricky situations
  • Providing you with the fullest possible picture
  • Careful consideration of every individual property
  • Knowledgeable and passionate individuals
  • High-ranking TCF focus
  • Giving clear, unambiguous advice

Templeton LPA is a subsidiary company of LSL Property Services plc.
Registered in England with company number 06507759. Registered office: Newcastle House, Albany Court, Newcastle Business Park, Newcastle, NE4 7YB.

Part of the LSL Property Services PLC Group